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Construct-Ed is a platform of online construction courses and online construction classes where anyone in the construction and skilled trades industry can learn from real pros in the industry. Search our ever-growing library and find a large selection of free online courses, construction classes, as well as home construction courses, construction estimating courses, business management courses, online building courses, and more. If you’re a general contractor, get educated and learn the skills you need from experienced pros to grow your business and knowledge. If you’re a business owner, help educate and train your employees online, and save time and money.

Online Construction Courses- Chris Jurin Origin Story

It’s hard growing a trades business. I should know…

My Grandfather was a tradesman. My Dad is a tradesman. I’m a tradesman.

I’ve been through the ups and downs of a struggling economy, and growing pains.  I’ve helped a residential roofing company grow into a successful commercial roofing company, and started two other construction companies after that.

I know what it’s like to face cash-flow issues, manage a growing team, and try to get to the next level.

I’ve watched some businesses flourish and grow and led my own to success, and I’ve seen others fail and struggle.

I’m Chris Jurin, founder of Construct-Ed, and I’m passionate about education and helping businesses thrive. Construct-Ed is your place to watch online construction courses and learn what you need to grow your business or your skills from real pros in the industry. We’re providing a place where you can learn from the best in the industry, so growing doesn’t have to be so hard. Welcome to Construct-Ed.

Grow your skills, knowledge, and business.

What do you need to learn to get to the next level?

Education from pros who have been there, and done that.

With over 160 courses, there’s bound to be something that helps you grow your business, skills, or knowledge. Our courses allow you to learn on-demand on any device with internet access, so whether you need to learn at 11pm after the kids are in bed, or early in the morning, you can learn at your own pace. And once you buy or register for a course, you own it for life, so you can always go back to re-watch anything you need.

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Save time & money.

Learn anywhere, anytime. Once purchased, you own the course for life.

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Gain new skills.

Learn business management, finances, trade skills, marketing, sales, and more.

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Grow your business.

Learn the skills you need to grow your business, or start your own.

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Learn from pros.

Our courses are published and taught by experienced experts in their trade.

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