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“I just went through the first 4 chapters and I’m on the 5th now. Some really great information and very well presented.”

-Dan Pattison

From “SEO for Contractors


-Dan Henrie

From “21 Leadership Secrets of Successful Contractors

“I really liked how you explained the ratio in your introduction. Very nicely done….. Thank you for the knowledge!”

-Jim Rodgers, CPBD

From “Building Proportions and the Golden Ratio of Design

“Well laid out course lots of good information.”


From “The Complete Guide to Foreman Leadership

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Construct-Ed is a platform of online construction courses and online construction classes where anyone in the construction and skilled trades industry can learn from real pros in the industry. Search our ever-growing library and find a large selection of free online courses, construction classes, as well as home construction courses, construction estimating courses, business management courses, online building courses, and more. If you’re a general contractor, get educated and learn the skills you need from experienced pros to grow your business and knowledge. If you’re a business owner, help educate and train your employees online, and save time and money.

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