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Construction Classes

Watch construction classes online, and learn from pros.


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Hey- welcome to Construct-Ed.

Our construction classes and contractor classes are published and taught by pros, for pros. So whether you’re looking for home construction classes, building construction classes, general contractor classes, or construction management classes, these online video classes allow you to find what you need, and learn at your own pace when and where you want.

If you’re a contractor looking for classes on construction marketing, green building, business management, or foreman leadership, Construct-Ed has what you need and more.

Here’s some of the benefits of online construction classes:

Just to name a few:

  • -Online: available on any device with internet access.
  • -Learn at your own pace: watch chapter by chapter, it’ll remember where you left off.
  • -Video courses: just about all classes published with us are in video form, so you can hear and see what the instructor is trying to teach you.
  • -Certificates: once you’re finished, print your certificate or share it on LinkedIn and build up your online resume.
  • -CEUs (Continuing Education Units): some instructors will issue you continuing education units at the end of your class, for associations such as AIA, GBCI, NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and more.

Oh, and we saved the best one for last… you can learn skills from real pros in your trade to grow your business and knowledge.


Watch classes taught by pros, for pros and grow your business and your knowledge.

Our classes are published and created by real pros in the industry. So whether you need to learn about best green building practices to add value to your general contracting company, or whether you need to learn how to better measure your cash flow month to month, or whether you just want a free course to learn better leadership tactics to grow your business, we’ve got you covered.

These guys and gals are passionate to teach, and are experts in their field.

Here’s a list of our class subjects…

Featured construction classes: here’s a few of our favorites from every subject.


construction classes business management classes

Business management

Learn from pros how to grow your business, run more effectively, and more.



construction classes architecture design landing img

Remodeling, Design, and Architecture

Learn remodeling skills, home design, and architecture skills from pros.



construction classes equipment img


Learn how to safely use contractor equipment and construction equipment from experts.


construction classes estimating img

Estimating and bidding

Learn how to estimate, bid, and see profit, with these estimating classes.


construction classes accounting img

Accounting and financial

Learn how to manage cash flow, and address accounting issues with these classes.


construction classes green building img

Green building – brought to you in large part by GreenHome Institute

Green building is growing in popularity. Keep up with latest building trends, and add value to your business and your clients.


construction classes leadership img


Learn to lead your field employees, or learn to lead you team well off the job site.


construction classes marketing img

Marketing and sales

Learn how to market your contractor business, gain leads, and make more sales with these courses taught by pros.



construction classes safety img


Learn safety, OSHA compliance, and more.



construction classes technology img


Learn construction technology.



construction classes trade skills img

Trade skills

Learn trade skills from real pros in the industry, and grow your skills and knowledge.

construction classes all courses

Here’s the best way to find what you need: browse our entire library of courses!


You can search by subject (like business management, or marketing) or trade (roofing, concrete, etc.) or just type in keywords to the search box.

If you don’t see a class that you’re looking for, reach out and let us know! We’re always working to add more.

Want to teach a class yourself? If you’d like to publish a video course on our platform and reach the industry, click here to get started.

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