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    ANSI Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test for Natural Stone Surfaces

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    In our litigious society, perhaps nothing in the stone industry carries the level of liability of public walking surfaces and with the 2014 withdrawal of test method ASTM C1028, stone suppliers and specifiers do not even have a test method available to document the safety of their surfaces. The MIA technical department has recently completed a comprehensive study on using the ANSI A137 DCOF test method, which was written for use on ceramic products, on natural stone surfaces. The results are encouraging, suggesting that this test method may be equally as applicable to stone products as it is to ceramic products. Watch this course to learn how the issue of slip/fall liabilities could be addressed by adoption of this test method.

        Instructor: The International Surface Event

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    • Describe the DCOF test method and the equipment required to perform it
    • Identify differences in behavior between stone and other products that mandate slight adjustments to the test protocol
    • Discuss specific stone types and finishes and how both stone density and stone finish influence frictional properties
    • Explain what stage the industry is at in establishing an applicable test method to evaluate safety of stone products provided for walking surfaces

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