What you need to know before you pour your next metal deck.

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    Composite metal decks need a lot of attention, even before placing concrete on them. In this course Constructorator will take you through all the verification steps that need to be answered before you pour concrete on a metal deck. We also walk you through how to find and understand the quality measuring process for metal decks so you can ask the right questions ahead of time. This course is for concrete finishers, carpenters, foreman or anyone who plans on pouring, supervising or working on a project with composite metal deck.

        Instructor: Constructorator

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    • What verification is needed before grouting column base-plates.
    • To know and understand single span decking, nelson studs and crimping on metal decks.
    • FF/FL numbers and where to find them.
    • What it means to pour composite metal decks to elevation or thickness.
    • Safety items needed before placing metal decks.

    Course icon- time   Time: 22 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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      1. Avatar of Ben

        Good Video

        I was also looking for information on activities leading up to the pour like deck inserts, rebar (if reqd) and any other items between the time the metal deck is laid and secured and the pour begins.

        Good video. I learned a lot.

      2. Avatar of Mitchell

        Great information

        Good information. It would benefit anyone involved with metal decks.

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