Building Proportions and the Golden Ratio of Design

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    Improve your designs when you learn to “see the math” of the Golden Ratio. Have you ever looked at a home design and felt something was a little “off”? Your proportions may be incorrect. Learn to apply the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers, and regulating lines to your designs and solve all of your proportion issues. Mathematicians around the world and all through history have studied this ratio. They’ve found that certain rules and ratios can account for aesthetically pleasing compositions in nature, art, and building design. You will learn to see the Golden Ratio everywhere as well as calculate it with formulas, number sequences, and display it graphically. This course is presented by www.ResidentialDesignAward.com winner Kevin Holdridge, CAPS, CGP, CPBD. Learn how to improve your home designs by starting the course now. AIBD Members, enroll for free! Call 1-800-366-2423 or write info@AIBD.org for the member code.

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        Instructor: AIBD (American Institute of Building Design)

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    • Improve your designs
    • Your designs will automatically be what our subconscious already considers beautiful
    • Fix designs that don’t seem right
    • Assess designs and pinpoint exactly what needs fixed
    • Figure out proper proportions
    • Proper proportions are the key to aesthetically pleasing designs

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      1. Avatar of Jim

        Very nicely done!

        I really liked how you explained the ratio in your introduction.
        Very nicely done…..

        Thank you for the knowledge!

        -Jim Rodgers, CPBD

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