How To Make More Money, And Grow Your Business.

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    Course icon- instructor   Instructor: Rob Baugher

    Rob is an author, speaker, and educator with 43 years experience as a remodeling company owner. He has experience as a radio show host for 10 years, is a publisher and owner of remodeling magazine, is a ‘Remodeling Magazine’ Big 50 award recipient, State of Alabama- Remodeler of the Year. He’s also won the Birmingham -Remodeler of the Year, and earned the following certifications: Journeyman Carpenter, CGR, CGB, CAPS, GMB, CGA, CGP, Energy Star, EPA (lead).

    About this course: This course is the complete guide to how to make more money and grow your contracting business. Taught by a pro with 43 years of experience as a remodeling company owner, you’ll learn everything from how to price jobs, estimate, and mark-up for profit, to how to calculate overhead and set properly hourly rates, to how to sell to customers more effectively and grow sales leads, and much, much more. This is a recorded course, so you can watch anytime, anywhere and learn on your own time. Skip around to videos that solve your specific need, or watch all the way through for a complete knowledge.

    Rob is a passionate educator excited to help you grow your business, and get out of the ruts you might find yourself in. So if you’re stuck, or want to learn from a pro how to grow your business or take it to the next level, you’ve got to check out this course!

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • How to price jobs, estimate, and markup for profit
    • Calculating overhead
    • How to set proper hourly rates
    • Handling getting underbid
    • Pricing breakdown: labor, material, etc.
    • How to do the paperwork side efficiently ( i.e. payroll, bookkeeping)
    • How to sell to customers
    • Communicating to customers why you charge what you do and the value they get with you
    • How to generate (good) sales leads
    • And more!


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    Course icon- time   Length: coming soon

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