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    An Introduction to Construction Estimating

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    Get started learning about construction estimating!

    Are you looking to start your career in construction estimating? Are you looking to start a construction company or a home improvement company and need to learn more about the estimating process? Construction and home improvement contractors must have skilled estimators in order to be successful.

    Construction estimating is an essential function that every successful construction and home improvement company masters. Every successful project that a construction company takes on begins with a great estimate. Projects that start with great cost estimates have a much better chance of being successful.

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics the demand for skilled cost estimators is projected to increase by 9% from 2014 to 2024.  This is faster than the average increase of 7%. The 2015 median pay for cost estimators is $60,390 per year. Construction estimators represent a large part of the cost estimating profession.

    Construction Estimating 101: Introduction to Construction Estimating provides a foundation for those interested in learning more about this important function. Construction estimators quantify specific details related to construction projects and develop cost estimates based on those quantities.

    It makes sense that if the success of your construction company is based on good construction estimating processes that you should start out by learning the basics. This course provides an introduction to the construction estimating process.

    Here’s the course chapters and syllabus:


    What is Construction Estimating?

    What Construction Estimators Do

    Completing Take-offs

    Four Calculation Types

    Using Quantities in Estimates

    Adjust Factors to Determine Estimate

    Direct Costs vs. Overhead Costs

    Developing a Final Estimate

    Not All Estimating is Equal

    Before You Go

    When you purchase this course you will receive the Construct-Ed Estimating Rate Worksheet.

    • Click on the chapter titled Introduction
    • Scroll down past the video and click on the link for the Estimating Rate Worksheet to download the document.
    • The worksheet will help you determine your production rates for the type of work that you complete in your company.

    Course icon- instructor   Instructor: Chris Jurin

    Course icon- you'll learn   In this course you will learn:

    • What are the tasks that construction estimators are responsible for.
    • What is construction estimating.
    • What construction estimates are used for.
    • How construction estimates are used as project management tools.
    • What a construction estimate take-off is and how to completed one.
    • What the four main quantities that make up construction estimates.
      • Count
      • Length
      • Area
      • Volume
    • See sample calculations for each quantity type.
    • Learn how to adjust factors affecting cost estimates.
    • Understand direct costs versus overhead costs and how they effect construction estimates.
    • How to develop a final construction estimate.
    • What take-offs are

    Course icon- time   Time: 16 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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      1. Avatar of Andy

        Good overview. Now I'd like a course on estimating strategies for winning the job.

        Good overview. Now I’d like a course on estimating strategies for winning the job.

      2. Avatar of Cris


        Excellent 101 class. Hope you have more detailed classes ahead on estimating.

      3. Avatar of Mark

        Nice Course!

        This 101 class was informative and well done!

      4. Avatar of Andrew

        Great. The Certificate should show the details of the providers. informative.

      5. Avatar of Sayali

        Very good course

        Very good and informative course for Beginners

      6. Avatar of Steve

        Simple lessons

        Simple and straight to the point lessons. Love it!

      7. Avatar of Alayne Lexie

        Detailed and Concise

        Very short but informative course to familiarize yourself in construction estimates.

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