Learn to use and operate the Equipter RB4000

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    The Equipter RB4000 is a drivable, raiseable, towable dumping trailer that enhances the productivity of your roofing team! It allows your team to be able to complete projects faster with more control over the roofing tear-off debris. It helps cut costs and increases the safety of your employees. Taught by Dave Beiler, Sales Manager at Equipter, this course will walk you through complete and safe operation of the RB4000.

       Instructor: Dave Beiler

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • Equipter Safety
    • Towing and trailering the RB4000
    • Driving the RB4000 around construction sites
    • Raising, lowering and operating the dump box

    Course icon- time   Time: 10 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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