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    This online training course presents a harassment training policy and education in accordance with Federal Law. It is important to educate employees and independent contractors on the topic of harassment in the workplace. Professional places of employment should be free of any type of harassment. This training assists employees and independent contractors in recognizing harassment, preventing harassment and procedures for reporting harassment if they believe that have been subject to harassing behaviors. If you’re an HR Manager or Business Owner, have your employees take this course for proper harassment training, or train new hires or existing staff on a regular basis.

    Who should take this course?

    • Employees within an organization.
    • Independent contractors.
    • Owners, Managers and Supervisors of organizations.
    • New hires of an organization with a harassment policy.

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • the federal laws prohibiting sexual harassment and harassment
    • the definition of sexual and other harassment
    • examples of sexual and other forms of harassment
    • reporting of misconduct available to victims of sexual harassment
    • the penalties to which harassers are subject
    • the need to prevent harassment among management

    Course icon- time   Length: 10 min.

    Course icon- quiz included   Quiz included

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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