Learn how to fill out an OSHA 300 Log

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    This course is designed for business owners, safety managers or anyone involved in the administration of paperwork in the construction industry.  In this online training course, we’ll discuss why the OSHA 300 logs are required, and teach you how to properly fill them out as well as how to post and maintain the logs. Whether you’re a company owner, safety manager, administrative assistant, or anyone else, this course will be beneficial and give you a working knowledge of the OSHA 300 Log.

        Instructor: Chris Jurin

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • Why are OSHA 300 Logs required?
    • Who is required to fill out the forms?
    • What is the purpose of the form?
    • What are “recordable cases”?
    • How to determine if a case included restricted work?
    • Calculating total lost days and restricted work days.
    • When to add an employee to the log and when not to.
    • Classification of injuries.
    • Posting and maintaining the log.
    • Examples of how to fill out the log.

    Course icon- time   Time: 8 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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