How to Install a Pocket Door Latch

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    Pocket doors are an architectural feature and a great way to save space. In many instances, there may be rooms or hallways that do not provide the footprint necessary to allow for the installation of a traditional hinged door. Pocket doors provide the solution for many homeowners as well as businesses that are looking for a way to install doors without giving up square footage to the swing of a hinged door. Pocket doors typically require the installation of a pocket door pull and latch. The installation of these door latches can be difficult, especially if the installation involves a pocket door with glass panes. Proper pocket door latch installation will enhance the use of these doors in the interior of your office or home.

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    • Proper techniques for pocket door latch installation.
    • A method for installing latches as well as the list of tools needed for the installation.

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      1. Avatar of Travis Perry

        Great step by step guide/Lesson

        In depth lesson with great questions, answers, and angles shown throughout the video. Incredibly easy to follow and understand.

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