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    The number of luxury bath remodels and new builds is predicted to skyrocket over the next few years, according to Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. Since a wider audience now demands a luxurious bath experience with trend-forward and technically advanced features becoming the standard, bathroom redesigns and remodels are becoming more intricate. Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Interior Designer Christopher Grubb is based in Beverly Hills, California, one of the most luxurious zip codes in the world, and understands first hand what has led to the explosive popularity of the luxuriously styled and pampering bathroom. Grubb explains how luxury has become the new norm and will share this demanding consumer’s most frequent design requests for their large and small bath projects. Grubb will present his own projects to illustrate how the bath has evolved into one of the most budget “unconscious” spaces in any residential space. He will also extrapolate on how a “shrinking” global view enhanced by online access to worldwide design and product has influenced what clients are demanding and the resulting bath design. Attendees will gain insight into the products and design elements including materials, finishes, details, and fixtures, that are resonating with today’s consumer and, most importantly, an understanding of how to capitalize on the luxury bath trend in their own businesses.

        Instructor: Christopher Grubb

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    • Trending materials and products, including stone, tile, countertops, water features, plumbing
      fixtures, jetted tubs, and more.
    • How contractors can work with designers on bath projects to create a win-win partnership and
      successful design.
    • To recognize how travel factors into décor elements that express the desires of homeowners who are constantly
      looking to recreate their unforgettable journeys right in their own homes.
    • To recognize which products and décor elements are splurge-worthy and which elements warrant some savings.

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      1. Avatar of Construct-Ed

        Informative, helpful, practical

        Christopher is an obvious pro who’s worked with contractors and builders before. He gives real life, practical advise to contractors, builders, and designers, on how to think about luxury design for your clients. He teaches you how to work to find out what the client wants, and how builders can work WITH designers to produce amazing renovations.

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