How To Use The Schechtl Computerized Brake: Basic Operation

    Whether you’re a metal bender who operates this computerized brake, or a business owner who needs to train employees on basics of Schechtl Computerized Brake operation, this online training course will be helpful for you. Published by Jurin Roofing Services, this FREE introductory course teaches you all the basics of operating the Schechtl Computerized Brake safely.

    Disclaimer: Construct-Ed is not authorized or approved by Schechtl Machine Engineering to serve as a vendor or instructor. This training course is independently owned and created, using insights and training developed from on the job experience.

        Instructor: Jurin Roofing Services

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • Brake operation safety
    • Powering the machine on and off
    • Introduction to using the brake computer
    • How to create and save a profile (drawing)
    • How to adjust your profile
    • Bending from an existing profile
    • And more!

    Course icon- time   Time: 27 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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      1. Avatar of Administrator

        Love this course

        A great course, easy explanation of each topic. keep it up!!!

      2. Avatar of Jeremiah Rizzo

        Good introduction video

        This is a great introduction to a complicated piece of equipment. Well explained, good introduction to using the computer and operating the brake.

      3. Avatar of Mike Bleiler

        Excellent course for basic operation , profile design, and file saving.

      4. Avatar of Sander Scott

        Operation of brake

        Peter is an awesome instructor, very through. Good job

      5. Avatar of Administrator

        Love this Course

        A great course, easy explanation of each topic. keep it up !!!

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