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    Learn how to rank your website in Google for the right search terms.

    4 Hours of SEO training. By the end, you’ll be getting your site to rank higher in google and getting more leads!

    Here’s the truth: writing great content that’s 1000 words or more will not get you ranked in Google. In some cases, you’ll get lucky or be up against low (or no) competition- but more often than not, only writing good content will get you page 2-5.

    That’s because writing good content is only one small part of proper SEO. Every bit as important is 1) the keyword terms you’re trying to rank for, and 2) promoting that content like CRAZY.

    In SEO for Contractors, we teach you our complete 4 step strategy to rank in Google for keyword terms and drive more traffic to your site. We’ll walk you through step by step.

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    What you’ll learn:

    1. Keyword research: how to find the exact terms your customers are searching for in Google.
    2. Content creation: how to create high quality content, or write on your website, so that you rank for those terms.
    3. On-Page SEO (aka Technical SEO): we’ll show you everything you need to do on the technical side to help you rank. Google has over 200 ranking factors that it uses when considering where to rank you, but some are weightier than others. We’ll show you how to get the most important factors right!
    4. Promotion: so, so, so many people don’t do this. One of THE biggest ranking factors in Google is how many other high quality websites link to your content, and how many social shares you have. So we’ll teach you how to make that happen.

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      1. Avatar of Construct-Ed

        Solid SEO Advice

        Over 4 hours of best practices and solid SEO advice. Following along, and do it yourself.

      2. Avatar of Aaron


        very informative and brings to light what I need to do to become more seo friendly.

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