Learn How to Get the Best Bond from Your Mortar

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    The right choice of mortar can save you money, but the wrong choice can cost you dearly. This training course will explore adhesive and mortar options for installing tile and stone. Students will gain a better understanding of mortars, including latex thin-sets and specialty mortars, what to use and how to specify them. We will also explore the different installation methods, including thin-set applications and thick bed/mortar bed. Finally, we will discuss the details of basic cement technology for setting materials with proper specifications including usage, cost and failure prevention techniques.

        Instructor: The International Surface Event

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    • Discuss how Portland cement is made
    • Know what mortar is and how different types of bond are achieved
    • Recognize what the wrong choice of mortar can cost you and what the correct choice can save you
    • Explore the many issues that can cause tile to lose bond or crack
    • Explain medium bed mortars and associated installation methods

    Course icon- time   Time: 1hr. 18min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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