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    Learn how to help your company work as a team.

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    Get your pen and pad ready as Brad walks you through how to develop high performing teams at your organization! In this course, you’ll learn to walk through the four phases of teamwork: selection, reflection, correction, and perfection. The course is made up of  Pinnacle Development Group’s “2 minute drill” videos on teamwork: short videos designed to communicate the information you need fast- so you and your team can learn what you need, even with limited time. Pinnacle Development Group is a consulting firm that has built a reputation as a developer of leaders, a facilitator of strategic growth, and a tailored provider of professional resources. Based on the energy, experience, and expertise of its founder, Brad Humphrey (who teaches this course), PDG has continued to provide the right answers for organizations committed to being leaders of industries and people! This course is for all individuals and teams in the construction industry looking to build up the teamwork in their organization.

        Instructor: Pinnacle Development Group

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • To lead your team in the Selection Stage
    • To lead your team in the Reflection Stage
    • To lead your team in the Correction Stage
    • To lead your team in the Perfection Stage

    Course icon- time   Time: 8 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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