Understanding Your Cash Flow – In Less Than 10 Minutes.

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    Imagine being in complete control of your cash flow every single month and freeing up more of your time to focus on the fun stuff in your business like taking care of customers and growing your business. Philip has created a brand new, breakthrough approach to help you, the small business owner, more easily understand and manage your cash flow. Now it only takes 10 minutes a month to take control of your cash flow and free yourself from worry and stress. This course is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about creating financial health, wealth, and freedom in their business.

       Instructor: Philip Campbell

    Course icon- you'll learn   You’ll learn:

    • -How to understand your cash flow in less than 10 minutes each month
    • -To pass “The Spouse Test” (a 2-minute discussion with your spouse or business partner and they will understand your cash flow and you will look smart in the process)
    • -How to put the Cash Flow Focus Report to work in your business (this is the secret)
    • -Avoid the single biggest mistake business owners make with their cash flow

    Course icon- time   Time: 42 min.

    Course icon- Translation   Language: English

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