We Built This City on HFRs: The Hidden Costs of Flame Retardants in Insulation

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    Due to building code requirements, foam plastic insulation in the United States contains flame retardant chemicals that are known to be persistent and harmful or lack adequate toxicity information. There is mounting evidence demonstrating that current levels of fire safety can be maintained in certain applications without these chemicals, and steps can be taken to reduce their use. This webinar will be instructive for anyone who is interested in understanding the health and ecological impacts of insulation and the role that updating the building code plays in advancing safe and affordable materials. We will discuss the chemistry, products, perceptions, and regulations – as well as the Safer Insulation Solution, an open initiative to improve the environmental impact of energy-efficient and fire-safe buildings.

    Course icon- instructor   Instructor: Avery Lindeman, moderated by GreenHome Institute

    Avery has a bachelors in chemistry from Harvard University and a masters in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. She currently leads Green Science Policy Institute’s policy work on flammability standards for furniture and insulation and manages the Institute’s “green building” initiatives including research to support healthier building materials for affordable housing. She has coordinated proposals to update the International Building Code and the International Residential Code, and has contributed to efforts to update state and local building codes.

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    • State Architect / Builder License. GBCI Certified Green Professional (NARI & NAHB) AIA(HSW) AIBD Certified GreenHome Professional (CGHP)

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    • Understand how natural materials can be healthier for occupants and the environment when design and built right
    • Know where to find resources to safely build or add a strawbale addition
    • Be introduced to natural building materials and concepts to implement in your next project
    • Understand how incorporating more natural materials can improve the welfare for all

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    • Handout

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