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Definition Of An Irrefutable Need

What’s An Irrefutable Need

May 30, 2016 – Memorial Day.  For some, this is simply the unofficial beginning of the summer season.  It is a day when many head for the beach or for a family cookout.  For others it is simply another paid day off.  

Still, for others Memorial Day is a day when they take a moment to honor loved ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their very lives for our nation’s freedom.  There are many who made this sacrifice who have been forgotten by name, but the results of their sacrifice still manifest itself in the freedoms that we enjoy to this very day.  

Irrefutable Need

John 15:13 states “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  

Our nation has a rich history of our citizens serving our country – and serving each other benevolently.  Servant leaders show themselves in many forms.  A dad who volunteers as a coach for his son or daughter’s sports teams.  A mom who volunteers at her kid’s school to chaperone a school field trip.  An employee who leaves work on Friday tired, but still volunteers their time at a soup kitchen over the weekend.  


The need for acts of service and servant leaders is irrefutable.  Irrefutable is defined as something that is impossible to deny or disprove.  


The world benefits when one human being serves another.  When one man lifts another, both benefit.  The members of our military serve each other and our nation, with many knowing full well that they may suffer the ultimate price in order to fulfill their duties.  Their sacrifice is our benefit.  And the results of their service are irrefutable.  


Irrefutable Needs

Our nation and our world has needs.  These needs are met everyday through the efforts of ordinary people serving others in extraordinary ways.  Our military serves our citizenry, protecting our freedoms that we sometimes take too lightly.  The need for a strong military is irrefutable.  Without it, our security would be held in question.  


Having a strong military allows our citizens to focus on how they can contribute to the nation without fear of attack from outside our borders.  It allows us the confidence to meet the other needs that are irrefutable.  As Abraham Maslow pointed out in his hierarchy, human beings need to have their needs met at a lower level before they can reach for a higher level of being.  


The levels are:

  • Physiological Needs – food, sleep, shelter
  • Safety Needs – controlled environment
  • Belonging – love, affection
  • Esteem – achievement, confidence
  • Self-Actualization – achievement of potential


These needs are irrefutable.  In order for a person to go to the next level, the prior levels must be secured.  Without a lower level, the next level is simply not sustainable.


The Irrefutable Need for the Construction Industry

What needs does the construction industry fulfill?  The need for shelter is irrefutable.  Shelter as a verb is defined as protecting or shielding from something harmful, especially bad weather.  Without shelter, a basic need for people is not met and they cannot proceed to the next level in the hierarchy.  


Attempting to develop a safe environment without the basics of food and shelter and the chances for success are diminished. Trying to create an environment where esteem flourishes without  providing for people’s safety is like getting dressed up for a night out on the town in a war zone.


There is an irrefutable need for the construction industry.  The industry – and its members – provide an invaluable service for its clients.  Without it people lack a house to call home.  They lack a place where they can go to work.


The noble pursuit of the construction industry is to use its collective skills to meet the needs of its customers in order to achieve each level in Maslow’s Hierarchy.  It impacts each level in a profound way.  


At the initial level, it provides shelter.  At the next level, it helps create security for people.  The third level allows people to find belonging in a family.  A strong home and place of business allows people to reach for achievement.  And finally a great environment – created by the construction industry – allows people to achieve their full potential.  


The benefits of a strong construction industry are irrefutable.  A strong construction industry supports the growth of our nation for our current and future generations.  

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