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So, you’re looking for general contractor courses? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Construct-Ed is online learning for Pros, by Pros.

Here you can find online video courses published by real Pros in your trade, so you can learn how to grow your business, skills, and knowledge.

Here’s a (slightly silly) video to tell you more about our contractor related courses…


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Maybe you came here because you were looking to find out how long it takes to become a general contractor, or maybe you just wanted to learn what the requirements are to become a contractor.

Well, whether it’s that or you’re just looking for good general contractor education, we can help you. We’ve got over 180 courses published with us, on everything from how to start a construction company, to estimating basics, and more.

So jump to our course library and search courses by subject or trade, or keep reading for a breakdown of our course subjects…

Business Management

First thing’s first…

If you’re going to own your own construction company, or start your own contracting business, you need to know how to run it.

This is where a lot of people go wrong.

They know how to build, they’ve got great skills, but they don’t know the business side of being a general contractor. The problem with that is that you can be the best builder in the world, but if you’re weak on the business side – you probably won’t last long. Or at the very least, you won’t be as profitable as you could/should be.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got an ever-growing number of business management courses taught by real Pros who have grown and run successful contracting companies.

These courses will help you learn how to make more profit on jobs, how to get more leads, and TONS more.

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Design and Remodeling

Even if you know how to build really well – there’s always room to improve.

Fortunately, you can learn new design/build skills from real Pros here too. For example… have you ever wondered why any of your designs just looked a bit “off” when you were finished? Well, you may not have designed using the Golden Ratio – a mathematical way to build more beautifully.

Or maybe your a contractor who prefers to build more, and deal less with picky customers who need help figuring out what they want? Well, then you should learn from a professional Designer how to partner up with a designer and let them take on that work for you, so you can focus on building. One of our courses is published by a veteran in the design industry who is an absolute Pro at helping clients figure out what look and style they want, and working with contractors to bring their vision to life. And he’s here to teach you how to do the same, and more! Things like, helping your clients figure out their budget, how to create more luxury bathrooms, etc. Click here to preview that course (you won’t want to miss it).


And there’s the matter of learning how to design and build green homes.

If you’re not already doing that, you’re missing out on what is likely to be a big trend in the coming years.

So be sure to take a look at our design/remodeling courses to learn how to grow your contracting business and design better (and greener).

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Estimating and Bidding

Estimating and bidding are crucial for general contractors. And like Business Management, this can be an area where a lot of general contractors struggle.

Don’t believe us?

Just read the forums.

TONS of threads are contractors like you, asking how to make more profit on their estimates, or how to calculate overhead, how much to markup, etc.

Fortunately, among all our general contractor courses – we’ve got a category just devoted to estimating and bidding. Whether you want to learn from a seasoned Pro how to estimate and bid commercial snow plow or lawn care jobs, or just need to learn Estimating 101 and start with the very basics, our courses can help.

Estimating and bidding jobs can be scary, so get help from Pros who have been there and done it.

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Financial & Accounting


Be honest: can you measure your cash flow in 10 minutes each month?

If not, this accounting Pro wants to help you.

Having an understanding of the basics of accounting: your profit, your costs, your margins, is crucial for contractors. Without having a solid budget, or understanding your business’ finances, you might not make profit on the work you do. Or, you might be making profit, but then your income is leaking out in other ways through uncontrolled costs that you’re not measuring (or worse… even seeing).

Now, some general contractors have accountants to watch over all this for them, others might choose to do their finances from the kitchen table. The point is that whatever your situation is, if you don’t have a good understanding of measuring cash flow and other financial factors, watching courses on accounting can help you grow and run your business more effectively.

Take a look at our accounting courses for contractors below…

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Green Building


It’s no secret that green building and design is on the rise among general contractors.

In fact, it’s a growing industry that we think more and more homeowners will ask for in the coming years. And after all why not? As the technology becomes more available, and costs come down, who wouldn’t want a home that’s better for the environment, their family’s health, and that saves money on heating and cooling each year?

If you’re looking to grow your knowledge about green building techniques in residential building, we’ve got over 35 courses to help you learn published by real Pros in the industry.

These green building courses for general contractors will teach you about everything from basics of green re-building for residential contractors, to how to reduce EMFs, to blackwater remediation, and much more.

So if you’re looking to distinguish yourself from the competition, learn new skills, offer more services to your clients, or just to build more efficient, healthier homes, take a look at these courses.

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It’s simple: to run a successful company that is profitable, where your team and clients are happy, you need to have solid leadership.

If you’re company culture is terrible, you’ll have bitterness, complaining, poor work, or high turnover.

If you’re leadership is weak, your jobs and clients will suffer.

This is an area where we can all stand improvement at various points in our lives. Our leadership courses are taught by real contractors who have years of experience leading teams well. So whether you need to learn foreman leadership, or how to foster better teamwork, or leadership laws to become a better business owner, our courses can help.

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Marketing and Sales


As a contractor, how do you get more leads?

Should you bother with Instagram or Twitter? Or just stick to Facebook?

How do you do basic SEO for your website to get more organic leads coming through?

Marketing is it’s own discipline, and it can be a tough road to navigate for many contractors. One way to speed up the process, or make the best use of your time is to learn marketing tactics for general contractors from Pros who have experience.

And you might be saying to yourself: I’m all set on clients, I’ve got work for months to come. Well, if so, that’s great! But take care that you still build your client-base. After all, having a backlog of work for the next three months doesn’t mean that you’ll have one in 4 months.

Learning from professionals how to do proper SEO, which social platforms are effective, or even getting tips from other Pros on how to get more clients will help you in the long run.

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OK, this one is (sort of) obvious.

You need to be safe on the job. You want your team to come home safe every day. You want to keep up with OSHA standards.

So take time to educate your employees and have them stop to think about safe driving practices, safe tool use, and safe work practices.

Whether it’s fall safety training, crane signaling, or just how to drive more safely, our courses can help your team learn on-demand, whenever you want them to.

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Trade Skills


The last type of general contractor courses we’ll write about is “trade skills” courses.

By that we simply mean “courses that teach you new skills.”

It’s true that many contractors are excellent at what they do, and if anything, need to grow more on the business and paperwork side of things. But there’s also many contractors who still have installation failures with tile or pavers, and topics like that. Not to mention, you might be young or changing industries and starting from scratch in the industry.

So if you want to grow your trade skills, browse our trade skills courses and learn from professionals.

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What are you waiting for? Start learning from a Pro today!

So what about you?

What pains do you need to solve? What do you need to overcome to grow your business, skills, or knowledge? What would help you take it to the next level?

Maybe it’s hiring good employees. Or maybe it’s measuring cash flow to make more profit on jobs. Or maybe it’s SEO for your site.

Whatever your pains might be, you can learn from Pros in the industry who have been where you are, and overcome. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Are you a Pro who’s passionate to help others grow? Then publish a course with us!

Like we said… Construct-Ed is online learning for Pros, by Pros.

Meaning, those 180+ courses in our library our published by real experts in the trades (like you), passionate to educate and reach a construction-focused audience.

If you have knowledge or skills that you can share, we’d love to hear from you! There’s lots of benefits to publishing with Construct-Ed, so if you’re interested reach out.

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