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Installing Pocket Door Hardware

How to Get Started Installing Pocket Door Hardware

Installing Pocket Door HardwareInstalling pocket door hardware can seem like an intimidating process. The process can seem more complex if the pocket door has glass lights in it or if the door is already installed. Even with these factors, installing pocket door hardware is a fairly simple process.

Hardware for pocket doors can be purchased at most home improvement stores such as Ace Hardware. Click here for Ace Hardware’s online listing for pocket door hardware.

5 Steps for Installing Pocket Door Hardware

The following are the steps to completing the installation process:

  1. 1. Read the Directions
    Read the directions that come with the door hardware that you purchased. Make sure that the hardware is for the thickness and the type of door that you are installing the hardware for.
  2. 2. Measure Twice, Cut Once
    Determine the recommended height as per the manufacturer directions for the pocket door hardware. Measure the height to the center of the hardware. Measure one half of the hardware below the center line and one half above the center line. Measure the depth of the cut for installing the hardware.
  3. 3. Drill and Cut
    Drill a pilot hole through the door at the lower corner of the marked area to be cut out. Use the pilot hole to insert the jigsaw blade and cut along the pre-marked lines. Cut along the lines with the jigsaw.
  4. 4. Set and Secure the Hardware
    Place the hardware in place. Set the hardware to the proper depth. If the hardware comes with a locking mechanism make sure that the mechanism swings freely. If the hardware is placed to deep, the locking mechanism can be restricted and may not work correctly. Secure the hardware to the door as instructed by the manufacturer.
  5. 5. Installing the Catch Plate
    Place the locking mechanism in the locked position. Close the door gently and allow the locking mechanism to strike the door jamb making a mark. This will be the location of the catch plate. Place the mark at the lower side of the door catch opening and trace around the outside of the catch plate. Use a wood chisel to remove the skin of the wood jamb to a sufficient depth to allow the catch plate to be installed flush. Use a paddle bit to drill the jamb out to allow for the locking mechanism to extend into the jamb and hook onto the catch plate. Install the catch plate.

Tools that you may need when installing pocket door hardware:

  • • Jigsaw
  • • Cordless Drill
  • • Hammer
  • • Marking Pencil
  • • Electric Screwdriver
  • • Measuring Tape
  • • Speed Square
  • • Chisel
  • • Paddle Bit
  • • Drill Bit – for pilot hole

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