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Is On-demand Training The Next Big Thing for the Construction Industry? (External)

This article in the Construction Toolbox at ForConstructionPros.com raises the question,

“Is on-demand training the next big thing for the construction industry?”

ForConstructionPros.com Is On-Demand Training the Next Big Thing For the Construction Industry

On-demand training opportunities allow construction industry employees the ability to take training courses whenever they want as long as they have a device with Internet capability.

Construction workers are busy, but in an industry that is continually changing it’s important that contractors stay up to date and trained for the jobs and processes they are doing.

Enter a resource like Construct-Ed. Construct-Ed is an online training resource for the construction industry. The website provides on-demand training so employees can train at home, in the office, on the job – basically wherever they have a device with Internet access.

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