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New Course! Introduction to ZeroStep Accessibility for Homes

Construct-Ed has a new course available to the construction industry: Introduction to ZeroStep Accessibility for Homes.This course is taught by Disability Advocates of Kent County and moderated by Brett Little of GreenHome Institute. Working on Green Homes, you often find yourself focusing on energy, health, water, materials and site/community impact. But what about accessibility? Did you know that 20% of a growing number of Americans cannot access the current housing stock based on special needs? The question the GreenHome Institute asks is this: “is a home truly green if it is not accessible?” Have we ignored the social sustainability leg of triple bottom line if we do not build, design, and remodel to meet basic accessibility needs?

GreenHome Institute has partnered with Disability Advocates of Kent County to kick-start the national re-launch of the ZeroStep Home Accessibility certification and guidance tool for new and existing homes. The purpose of the ZeroStep program is to provide consumers and professionals with tools, resources, and guidance criteria on universal design, aging in place, and assistive technologies available. This not only adds functionality to a home, it can also help make it a much more pleasant place to live. A ZeroStep plan should be so attractive that you don’t even realize it’s a ZeroStep home – it’s simply a home that everyone would want.

Who it’s for:

This course is for residential builders, remodelers, architects, designers, developers, realtors, appraisers and 3rd party rater inspectors.

In Introduction to ZeroStep Accessibility for Homes, you will learn:

  • How to provide health and welfare through ZeroStep design to provide a safer home for all.
  • Where to go to find more resources on accessibility and universal design guidance.
  • Simple and no cost measures you can implement now on your next design or home construction.
  • To understand neighborhood issues that also affect a home’s accessibility.

Continuing education credits earned with completion of this course:

GBCI, AIA (HSW), NARI Green, NGBS, State Designer / Contractor License may apply, ILFI (Pending)

With this course, we’d like to welcome GreenHome Institute to our team of instructors.

The GreenHome Institute is a 501 c3 non-profit with a mission to empower people to make healthier and more sustainable choices in the construction and renovation of the places we live. We have certified over 6,000 green homes and trained over 15,000 professionals and residential green building.

About Brett Little of GreenHome Institute:

brett little GreenHome Institute Introduction to zerostep course Brett’s professional goal is to help residential single family and multi-family home professionals & homeowners be able to make more sustainable choices in their design, construction, remodels and rehabs. He attempts to follow the visionary mission of the International Living Future Institute: “To lead and support the transformation toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.” Brett oversees the day to day operations of the Alliance by managing the LEED for Homes certification program, LEED residential education, GreenStar new homes & remodeling, Miles Per Gallon for Existing Homes energy rating and other Green Building Education throughout the Midwest.He also creates new programs and sources of revenue relevant to Green Home Institute’s mission. He is responsible for educating the public on sustainable and healthy home construction as as well assist in the providership of LEED for Homes by performing tasks such as secretarial, accounting, programming, administrative, website development/management, customer contact, sponsor development, video production, marketing/promotion, research of “Green Building” standards and certifications and all aspects of the LEED for Homes, GreenStar and Green Home processes and programs.

Introduction to ZeroStep Course

To sign up for this course or learn more please click here.

To learn more about the GreenHome Institute please visit their website at this link.

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