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New Online Course: Basics of Budgeting for Personal Finance

We’ve just added a new course on Construct-Ed.com for construction industry professionals: Basics of Budgeting for Personal Finance.

This course is especially beneficial for the following:

1. Construction Workers and Laborers: Need help managing your money? Learn how to set up a basic budget.

2. HR Departments and Managers: Provide your employees with a resource to help them manage their money.

Additional information about this course:

Budgeting is a crucial skill to managing your money, and helping you pay off debt and take care of those you love. For the price of your morning breakfast stop, you can learn how to setup a budget to better manage your personal money.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a budget on a spreadsheet or using EveryDollar
  • How to input monthly income and expenses
  • How to evaluate your budget
  • How to track your budget
  • How to manage your budget

We’ll teach you two ways to budget your money: using a basic spreadsheet (included with this course), or using EveryDollar, a free, powerful online budgeting system. You work hard for your money, make sure you’re managing it right.

You can sign up for and preview this course here.

Basics of Budgeting for Personal Finance - Online Course - Construct-Ed

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