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New Year’s Resolution – Try New Year’s Goals

It’s late December. The Christmas rush is over. The kids are on Christmas break. The refrigerator is packed with leftovers.

You find yourself in that lull between Christmas and New Year’s Day. You begin to look back on the past year. Blessings are counted. An inventory of all that has been accomplished is taken.

New Year's Goals

But as you count your blessing a bit of guilt starts to creep in. You find things that you wished you could have changed and adjusted. There were missed opportunities to connect with family and friends. There is an additional ten pounds that you packed on that you have no idea where it came from.

You say to yourself, “This year is going to be different! I am going to make a change.”

And so the first New Year’s Resolution appears!

But as quickly as it appears, it miraculously disappears. Resolutions start with good intentions, but fail quickly when their maker realizes the sacrifices that will be needed to see those resolutions through to reality.

As Mark Twain stated “New Year’s Day – Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”

Resolutions are good by nature. They are recognition of something that we would like to change in ourselves or in the world. But, they have a very short shelf life. Resolutions are a decision to do or not to do something, but there is little in the way of planning of how to make the resolution successful. Without a plan, the chances of the resolution surviving its first month of life are somewhere between slim and nil.

So how do you give your resolution a solid start so that it has a fighting chance at success? Transform your New Year’s resolutions into New Year’s goals.

Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Evaluate the desired result against the effort that you are willing to put forth. Are you willing to put the required effort into your resolutions in order to make them New Year’s goals? What will it take to transform the resolution into a goal that can be accomplished?

Creating SMART New Year’s Goals

An outstanding tool that can be used to transform resolutions into New Year’s goals is to apply the SMART goal methodology to your resolutions.

  • Be Specific.
  • Make your resolution results Measureable.
  • Be honest about whether you can Attain your goal.
  • Determine the Results you want to see.
  • Set a Timeline for achieving the goal.

By transforming your resolutions into SMART New Year’s goals, you give your resolutions a fighting chance at succeeding. Otherwise, as Mark Twain said, it may be time to start paving.

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