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Meet the Construct-Ed Team

Chris Jurin | Founder, CEO | cjurin@construct-ed.com

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Chris  is the company’s founder, and president, responsible for financial and business decisions, leading the Construct-Ed team, and encouraging them to keep to their core value of building others up through quality educational courses. He is an entrepreneur at heart, and passionate about running a company that is in the business of helping better others.


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Rory Detweiler | Operations Director | rdetweiler@construct-ed.com

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As operations director, Rory works to ensure that every project and pivot we make here at Construct-Ed is helping us achieve our goals and staying focused on our mission. He oversees all systems and processes and ensures that we scale in a healthy way and is always looking at the long term effects of company decisions now. Besides overseeing all operations, Rory serves the company in business navigation, strategy, and development, and handles almost all media production. On his time off he enjoys spending time with his family, and competitive cycling.


Jeremiah Rizzo | Communications Director| jrizzo@construct-ed.com

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As communications director, Jeremiah works alongside Rory to develop and grow the platform. He serves the company by providing all communications, website development, content strategy, and business development. He handles all instructor and course acquisition, user support, industry partnerships, and affiliate/seo/content marketing.


Cameron Wasser | Intern / Instructor Acquisition | cwasser@construct-ed.com

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Cameron is currently an intern at Construct-Ed focusing on marketing and sales. He is full-time undergraduate student at Temple University, majoring in Computer Science and a cadet at Temple’s US Army ROTC program.


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