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Overcoming Objections in Sales: Using the Feel Felt Found Technique

Tips on Overcoming Objections in Sales

Overcoming Objections in SalesWhether you are an independent contractor or you are leading a larger firm, your business is dependent on sales. The future of your business will be in doubt if you or your sales team cannot close prospective projects and build a sales backlog. They are the life blood of your business.

The sales process can be difficult to navigate, especially in some markets where the projects are complex or where there is significant competition. Objections occur at multiple points throughout the project. Objections may even occur after the project has started. Overcoming objections in sales is a skill that business owners and independent contractors must develop in order to be successful.

A technique that is used in overcoming objections in sales is to show your customer or prospect empathy.

“Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

But how do you show empathy in the sales process? A tool that many sales professionals use to show empathy for their customers is the Feel Felt Found technique.

Sample Customer Discussion: Using the Feel Felt Found Technique in Overcoming Objections in Sales

So, you may be asking about how you can use this technique in your sales efforts. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical conversation with a prospect.

  1. Step One: Feel
    ClientI don’t see the benefit in upgrading from a standard asphalt shingle to an architectural shingle.
    ContractorI understand your concern.
    By listening and then acknowledging the concern of the customer, the sale professional is showing empathy. It is important to be genuine in the process and above all else, listen to the customer.  You are showing that you care about their concerns and that you are willing to address them.
  2. Step Two: Felt
    ContractorI have worked with multiple clients who have had the same concerns about whether the benefits are worth the additional costs.
    At this point, you have acknowledged the customer’s concerns. You have also given them a level of assurance that they are not the only one to have their concern. This helps the customer be more open for the final step in the technique.
  3. Step Three: Found
    ContractorMy customers have found that the upgrade to the architectural shingle has increased their curb appeal and value of their home as well as helping to provide enhanced protection against high winds.
    This final step in the Feel Felt Found technique allows the contractor to show their customer how others who have had the same objection have benefited from the decision. This reduces the resistance in the sales process and allows the contractor or remodeler to move towards a closed sale.

tools_Yel_Wh_80pxThere are many tools used by sales professionals in overcoming objections in sales. The Feel Felt Found technique is one tool that when used ethically can help contractors and remodelers provide valuable services to their clients.

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