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Starting a Commercial Snow Plow Business

Starting a Commercial Snow Plow Business

Who can forget the winter of 2014/15? This past winter broke a lot of snowfall records across areas of the counCommercial Snow Plow Businesstry and in particular the New England region of the United States. Boston, Massachusetts in particular experienced its snowiest winter on record with over 110 inches of recorded snowfall. Other areas of New England including areas of Rhode Island and Maine received significant amounts of accumulation. Anyone with a commercial snow plow stayed busy throughout the winter.

The winter of 2015/16 is rapidly approaching. Are we in for the same type of winter? Despite the prediction for reduced snowfall amounts as compared to last winter as a result of the El Nino, chances are pretty good that these areas of the country will see some accumulation as they go through the winter.


When snowfall occurs, it creates a great opportunity for the entrepreneur. This is especially true if that entrepreneur knows how to operate a commercial snow plow. Because when snow falls, someone has to get rid of it. Snow plows, snow shovels, snow blowers and salt spreaders go into high gear following snow falls in order to clear out the white stuff so that people can get back to school and work.

Businesses who specialize in or who provide commercial snow plow services are in high demand during winters with heavy snow fall. If you have experience in providing this type of service and you have the equipment, starting a commercial snow plow business may be an option that you should explore.

Stanley Genadek’s course – How to Get Started in Snowplowing – on Construct-Ed provides great resources and insight into how to get started in providing this much needed service to both residential and commercial clients.

Click here to sign up for the course and get started in operating a commercial snow plow business.


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