The Construct-Ed Show

An educational, entertaining, YouTube show for the Construction and Trades Industries.

We created the Construct-Ed Show to help let people know about, and how we’re all about online learning and helping experts in the industry publish their education or training in the form of online courses. Watch these episodes for some helpful tips or to experience various trade shows and expos we’ve been to.

S01 Ep00 – Workers Memorial Day

S01 Ep02 SMART Goals & Creating Courses Tips

S01 Ep03 Foreman Tips

S01 Ep04 Reducing Employee Turnover

S01 Ep05 Turn Employees Into Trainers

S01 Ep06 Budgeting Basics

S01 Ep07 Tips For A Good Estimate

S01 Ep08 Contractor Accounting

S01 Ep09 Importance Of Social Media

S01 Ep10 Effective Safety Programs

Construct-Ed Show - 10 Effective Safety Programs - Online Training for the Construction Industry

S01 Ep11 – Construction Project Management

S01 Ep12 – SEBC 2015

S01 Ep13 – Best Of

S01 Ep14 – What’s So Exciting

S02 Ep01 Learn About

S02 E02 Remodeling Show | DeckExpo | JLC LIVE

S02 Ep03 Creating Independence In The Field

S02 Ep04| Zerostep Accessibility


S02 Ep05 Twas the Night Before TISE

S02 Ep06 TISE News

S02 Ep07- Top Twitter Accounts for Construction

S02 Ep08 – Top 5 Construction Startups

S02 TISE 2016 Day 2 Promo

S02 TISE 2016 Day 3

S02 TISE 2016 Show Wrap Up

S02 TISE 2016 Full Show

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