Free For Trade Schools and For Students.

We give free access to students: helping close the skills and age gap by educating the next generation.

Students learn free.

Our instructors believe in educating the future of the industry, and we’ve partnered with them to give free access to courses on our platform to students of the trades, vo-tech schools, and trade colleges. Enroll your students and get them free trades education today.

How it works.

How to give your students and institution free education.


First we want to talk with you.


Fill out the form below with any questions and contact information so we can set up a meeting with you.


 After our initial meeting. We’ll send you a form, and enroll your students.


Your students can log in, and watch free online learning courses.

Schools we’re helping educate.

We’re helping to educate students at these institutions. Enroll yours today- it’s like a free trade education, minus the cost of books.



Why educate students online?

How online learning helps students, and grows the industry.


Education for a tech savvy generation.

On-demand, online courses incorporate video and can be viewed on mobile devices. It’s learning that a younger, tech savvy generation understands and wants.

Students learn from experts.

Students can learn from experts nation-wide, who are real life pros and passionate to teach and share their knowledge.

Exposure to a wide variety of trades.

Students can get exposure to a variety of trades to see which interests them. Online education helps students see that the trades are a valid option to earn a good living.

Enroll your students & institution.

Fill out the form below. We’ll contact you to answer any questions and get your students free education.

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